CEDIA Certification FAQs 

Do I have to take training in order to sit for a CEDIA certification exam?

CEDIA Training is not required in order to sit for certification. However, it is highly recommended to study and prepare with recommended courses and resources. A great starting resource to prepare for CEDIA certification is the Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book. Also, check out other ways you can prepare.

How many CEUs do I need to keep my CEDIA certification status active?

The ESC exam is valid for five years with no renewal. CEDIA encourages all those who earn the ESC certification to earn additional certifications and continue to grow. However, a recertification may be taken to maintain this certification. All other certifications are valid for three years, requiring 30 continuing  education units (CEUs)to earn free renewal.Of those 30 required CEUs, no more than 20 units may be obtained via manufacturer or other industry training. A minimum 10 units must be obtained via CEDIA Training (includes eCourses, webinars and in-person events)

What is the CEDIA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program?

The CEDIA CEU program ensures that CEDIA Certified Professionals continue to develop their industry knowledge and stay current on the latest developments in industry technology.

What if I am not able to fulfill the 30-CEU requirement within 36 months?

CEDIA Certified Professionals who do not fulfill the required continuing education units can maintain their certification for an additional 36 months by re-taking and passing the highest level examination attained within 12 months prior to the expiration date of their certification.

How can I check my Certification and CEU status?

Each individual’s CEDIA course record, over the period of time they have held the CEDIA Certification, is tracked by CEDIA. You may check your Certification and CEU status online at any time by clicking here.

Do I need to show proof of any courses that I am taking that are not taught at CEDIA events?

Yes. All CEDIA Certified Professionals should retain hard copy proof of completion, such as a certificate of completion, an obtained certification record, or an education transcript. CEDIA reserves the right to audit the CEU program by requesting that the CEDIA Professionals provide proof of training.

Will my current CEDIA Certification remain valid if I obtain an additional CEDIA certification?

Yes. If an individual obtains additional CEDIA Certifications, their previous CEDIA Certifications remain valid. The CEDIA Certified Professional must maintain 30 CEUs within three years following the date of their most recent certification. CEUs earned will only count toward the most recent certification.If an individual becomes certified at a higher level, previously earned CEUs will not count toward maintaining that higher-level certification. In other words, the clock starts over when you achieve a new level of certification.