Stay tuned for CEDIA Expo 2020 keynote information! Read more on the 2019 keynote speaker, Luke Williams, below.

With the speed of change seeming to accelerate by the very minute, CEDIA chose as the keynote speaker for 2019 innovator, inventor, disruptor, and bestselling author Luke Williams. William’s keynote focused on how disruptive thinking can spark transformation in business. “Companies need to be consistently making bold moves, even at the very peak of their success,” says Williams. “It is an essential skill for anyone in business, from a small start-up to a global corporation, with the desire to transform organizational processes and behaviors, and ask, 'Why hadn’t we ever thought about our business and industry this way before?’”

2019 Keynote Speaker

Luke Williams

Williams is Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, Founder and Executive Director of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs, and a Fellow at Frog Design. He is the inventor of 30-plus U.S. patents and has designed more than 100 products in industries ranging from transportation to finance, and healthcare to consumer electronics. He’s lectured in 21 countries and addressed the United Nations General Assembly and the World Innovation Forum. 

He is the author of the international bestseller Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business.