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We are excited to get back to business this September… and the industry is too! See the latest coverage from residential, design & connected technology media outlets below.


Registration for CEDIA Expo opens in June; here’s why Indianapolis can’t wait to welcome back the custom industry and why the industry can be optimistic about the return of an in-person show.


BRIAN PAGEL, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF EMERALD, one of the world’s largest live event companies, knows the power of connecting organizations and audiences for mutual benefit. His focus now is bridging the gap between the custom electronics-AV and design-build industries by establishing a common vernacular and promoting best practices.


After months of COVID-19 pandemic meeting restrictions, vaccines are finally being distributed, and live events are beginning to come back safely. Emerald and Indianapolis are committed to putting on healthy and safe shows; in fact, Indianapolis has already hosted 58 live events with more than
130,000 attendees since last July…



CEDIA Expo Organizer Chats on First Show Back In-Person

Jason McGraw, Group Vice President of CEDIA Expo and KBIS for Emerald Expositions, spares a few moments from his packed schedule to chat about the work being done to prepare for the first in-person CEDIA Expo in two years. The show is set for September 1-3 in Indy.

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CEDIA: Keynote Speaker Poppy Crum

A preview of our CEDIA Expo 2021 keynote with the presenter, Poppy Crum. The topic: The Future of Storytelling. New technology has not only allowed for new products and human experiences, but also new ways of storytelling. As changing forms of media grow in popularity and scope, businesses are also able to connect with audiences in previously unimaginable ways. Dr. Crum – neuroscientist and technologist with Dolby Labs and Stanford — looks at the future of storytelling and what audiences concerned with changing media ought to be paying attention to now.

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Automation Unplugged with Ron Callis

Weren’t able to catch us when we went live with Automation Unplugged? Click below to watch the replay, read the transcript, and helpful resources mentioned in the show!  If you need to listen to the podcast version of the show, feel free to search for “Automation Unplugged” on any of your favorite podcast-listening platforms!

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Defining Resimercial

First in a series: What’s the history of the term? Is it a two-way street: Can we really bring commercial tech into the home and can we make commercial spaces “homier”? How are these worlds different? How are they similar? What do you need to know before you set foot in a restaurant or a doctor’s office? CEDIA’s Steve Rissi and CE Pro’s Jason Knott (who’s bringing a ton of research to the party) give us the skinny. Look for classes addressing this topic at CEDIA Expo!

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Resimercial Tech – Videoconferencing

Part Two of the Resimercial Series: What are your unified communications options? Videoconferencing at home vs. work – what do you need to know? Can commercial scheduling devices be integrated into home situations? YES, there will be classes at CEDIA Expo that cover these topics. We’re joined by David Danto, Director of Emerging Technology, imcca.org; Steve Rissi, Senior Director of Technical Education, CEDIA; and Ian Bryant, Senior Director Strategic Partnerships, CEDIA.

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Yep, we’re busy planning already! Emerald’s Jason McGraw joins us to talk about the themes and health and safety precautions you’ll see at this year’s CEDIA Expo – and we have some local folks on to tell you about the great food, sights, and sports to be found in Indianapolis. Find a complete list of everything we mention on this episode (and more) HERE.

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Social media is already abuzz with talk of companies going to the show, what will be for most their first in-person tradeshow since the COVID-19 shutdowns began last March. Recent conversations with integrators, manufacturers and distributors in the space have underscored the excitement and pent-up enthusiasm for gathering at the Indiana Convention Center for CEDIA Expo instead of over Zoom.

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