CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference

The CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference program is curated by CEDIA Association, the global membership association that serves the home technology industry through advocacy, connection, and education.

The 2024 CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference program will run September 4-6,2024.

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Track Information

Control Systems and Assistive Technologies

In the era of rapid technological advancement, the mastery of control systems and the integration of assistive technologies have become essential competencies for those at the forefront of innovation. This training track is meticulously designed to empower technology innovators and smart home professionals with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to excel in creating seamless, user-centric solutions. Our focus is not only on the theoretical underpinnings of technology but also on practical applications that can make a tangible difference in everyday life. We’ll explore topics such as techniques and strategies to design user-friendly interfaces and systems that enhance user interaction and satisfaction, and success stories and practical examples from industry leaders who have successfully implemented control systems and adaptive technologies to solve real-world challenges.

Lighting and Ambiance

This training track is especially curated for technology innovators and smart home professionals aiming to master the nuances of lighting and ambiance. Combining cutting-edge technology with aesthetic design, this track offers an in-depth exploration of how lighting can enhance well-being, functionality, and style within modern smart living spaces. We’ll explore topics such as human centric lighting & wellness, delving into the science behind lighting designed with human needs in mind, addressing the complexities and challenges of implementing a lighting design, blending aesthetic design with smart lighting technology, and trends and opportunities in the lighting industry.

Home Theater and Immersive Audio

In the rapidly evolving world of home entertainment, creating spaces that offer an immersive audio and visual experience is more important than ever. This training track is designed for Smart Home Professionals and home cinema designers who aspire to excel in the art and science of designing and implementing state-of-the-art home theaters. We’ll explore topics like: components that make up various types of speakers, their roles, and how they impact sound quality within a home theater setup; demystifying the jargon of the home cinema world, understanding the guidelines and principles behind creating compliant and immersive video environments; and exploring how different content technologies impact viewer experience.

IT, Networking, Security, and AI

In an era where technology continually reshapes the boundaries of convenience and security within our living spaces, the demand for skilled Smart Home Professionals has never been higher. To equip individuals for this evolving industry, our comprehensive training track is specifically designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the realms of IT, Networking, Cybersecurity, Physical Security, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Gain insights into the importance of data privacy and security within smart homes; explore setting up, managing, and troubleshooting home networks, ensuring seamless connectivity across devices; learn the intricacies of securing A/V systems from unauthorized access and potential cyber-attacks; Explore the potential of AI in revolutionizing smart home security solutions; and discover the cutting-edge intersection of AI and marketing within the smart home sector.

Power Management, Energy, and Sustainability

In an era where energy efficiency and sustainable living are at the forefront of consumer demands, professionals in the smart home industry must be equipped with extensive knowledge and skills in power management, energy solutions, and sustainability practices. This training track is designed to empower smart home professionals with the expertise needed to meet these demands, ensuring they can deliver innovative and energy-efficient solutions for modern homes. Discover topics like: the basics of power management in the context of smart homes; The latest updates on the National Electrical Code; and exploring sustainable practices in smart home technologies.

Business Strategies and Project Management

In the rapidly evolving smart home industry, staying ahead requires more than just technical know-how. Success in this field hinges on a thorough understanding of advanced business strategies and effective project management techniques. Our comprehensive training track is meticulously designed to equip smart home professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive landscape of home automation. Uncover powerful techniques to keep your workforce motivated, engaged, and committed to your business’s vision. Plan your exit in a way that maximizes your venture’s value and ensures continuity. Delve into the technicalities of protecting smart home networks and devices from cyber threats. Discover how to develop and implement comprehensive maintenance plans that ensure longevity and reliability of installed smart home solutions. Explore cutting-edge strategies for growing your smart home business.

Architecture, Design, and Build

In the rapidly evolving world of smart home technology, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with the latest trends but pioneering them. This training track is meticulously curated for smart home professionals aspiring to grow business partnerships with the architecture, design, and build communities. Our objective is to transform your approach, knowledge, and expertise in integrating smart home technology with architecture and interior design, ensuring seamless and innovative home environments for clients. Explore topics like: choosing the right design & build partner, unlocking the secrets of becoming an effective partner in the design and construction sector; and changing your firm’s perception from subcontractor to technology designer.

New Programming: The CEDIA Executive Insights Forum

Introducing the CEDIA Executive Insights Forum, a premier, separately ticketed event at CEDIA Expo providing an unparalleled experience for senior-level decision-makers in the smart home technology integration & installation industry.

This forum focuses on five pressing themes highlighted through numerous research calls that are essential for driving strategic growth and innovation: advanced sales and social media strategies, effective delegation and employee trust, the housing market outlook, cutting-edge 8K technologies, and the transformative impact of AI.

Join industry leaders, top manufacturers, and technology futurists for a day of critical dialogue, future-forward conversations, in-depth research, and trend analyses. Gain actionable insights into business strategies, consumer behaviors, and market trends, empowering you to enhance your business offerings and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving smart home landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity for unrivaled networking and thought-provoking discussions designed to spark your business potential and ensure your organization’s success.