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Keynote: What Does the New Matter Standard Mean for Integrators?

Managing the Supply Chain Crisis

Matter is an industry–unifying standard with a promise of reliable and secure connectivity. Google and a broad group of industry leaders are working to significantly improve the smart home experience through Matter. Developed in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, this standard will accelerate growth in the home automation market. How do custom integrators adapt to this new future? Join us at the Smart Stage as Google, SmartThings Samsung, Control4, and Leviton discuss how custom integrators like you can adapt to this new future. Sponsored by: Google.

Supply chain issues are undeniably a huge challenge in the home electronics industry, but rarely is it discussed candidly. This session will present tangible takeaway advice on what can be done to better manage your inventory, set realistic customer expectations, establish on-site workarounds, handle cashflow, establish proper lead times for ordering, work closer with manufacturers and distributors, and more.

Prospects for Bringing Streaming to the CI Channel

State of the Industry

The world of video streaming has grown dramatically, despite the many business challenges currently facing the various OTT platforms. What opportunities does this present to integrators, when it comes to partnering with these services to help activate and retain subscribers and improving the overall enduser experience?

Jason Knott of CE Pro joins a powerhouse panel of industry elite from CEDIA to the leaders of the buying groups to share insights on the State of the Industry, identifying business opportunities, pitfalls, and what custom integrators need to be doing to continue to thrive.

Succeeding in Lighting Fixtures

Today’s 5G Home Experience

Lighting fixtures have become the hottest category in the industry. Crestron and several integrators talk fixture selection, working with electricians, lighting design, showrooms, and popular use cases for lighting fixtures. Sponsored by: Crestron.

Join Michelle James, VP of Strategic Industry Programs at CTIA, as she shares how the wireless industry is stepping up to increase data connectivity not only in our communities but in our homes as well! Hear how industry members have worked with community leaders to deploy advanced infrastructure to enable today’s connected home experience. From remote work and learning to smart home applications, 5G is enabling our connected lives. Learn more about these technologies and real-life deployments by joining Michelle for this 5G Home Experience discussion!

Transform the Lighting Environment with Intelligent Automated Shades

What to do About the Skilled Labor Shortage

Creating a comfortable and completely personalized environment is the ultimate goal of luxury home technology, and achieving a balance of natural and indoor light is a crucial element of every home. Learn how automated shades can work seamlessly with powerful lighting and controls to harness the intelligence of an entire home ecosystem – to not just react to the needs of your clients, but to anticipate them. Sponsored by: Lutron.

The labor crisis continues to limit the growth of the industry. A CEDIA director and several system integrators give their suggestions for utilizing specialists/recruitment firms, connecting with trade schools, and establishing your own regional outreach program.

Where We Are. Where We’re Going.

Why Amazon is Good for Your Business

Join CEDIA’s CEO Daryl Friedman in a conversation with CE Pro’s Jason Knott on the state of the association and its plans for the future. Friedman will recount what’s he’s heard from the membership in his first nine months, and discuss the future mission, vision, and strategic plan of the organization.

Join us for an innovative fireside chat that will cover all of Amazon Devices’ current products and services that are available for your business. We will cover simple, proactive security with Ring, to voice assistance with Alexa, to reliable networking solutions with eero. Hear how we’re investing more in the CEDIA channel to help you grow your business and provide real solutions to your customers’ everyday smart home needs. Sponsored by: Amazon.

The Wall – Making a Bold Statement in Resimercial

BEST Products Awards & CE Pro Home of the Year Awards

Ernie Wohlleben from Architechnology Designs and David Pena and Michael Bennett from Samsung will come together to discuss how cutting-edge micro-LED technology like The Wall is transforming the installation process and operability for luxury lifestyle displays. Focusing on the need for unique connectivity and all-in-one solutions, details regarding a new celebrity case study will be shared to showcase the evolution of the resimercial market. Sponsored by: Samsung.

The 2022 CE Pro Best Electronics Systems Technologies (BEST) Awards and the 2022 CE Pro Home of the Year Awards will recognize leading products and installations in the custom electronics industry. Sponsored by: CE Pro.

Expanding Your Digital Footprint with CE Pro IQ

The Future of Home Control

Find out how integrators can increase their Google SEO reach by embedding a new searchable product comparison database directly into their own website. Sponsored by: CE Pro – IQ.

What will home automation systems look like in five years as controls become more decentralized, voice recognition gains momentum, and sensors become more powerful? And how can integrators grow and maintain their position as the go-to experts. Sponsored by: Nice, Crestron, and Savant.

Make More Money Add More Solutions to Every Installation

Making the Design + Tech Connection

More solutions = stickier customers. You’re already installing in the home so why not sell more? Hear directly from your peers and other industry experts on how you can start integrating security and other RMR solutions to every installation and grow your business. Sponsored by: ADI Global.

Industry professionals will talk about 5 trends that require integrators and designers to collaborate early and often and how they can forge those connections. Sponsored by: NKBA/KBIS.

The Future Of Work – It’s Undeniably A Hybrid World

Company executives generally want their employees back in the office as soon as it’s safe. Knowledge workers, newly empowered by the flexible working arrangements that got us through the pandemic, have begun to demand that the flexibility continue so that they can work from home on a regular basis. What are the result of this dynamic? There are quite a few: newly designed offices, additional perks, the ‘great resignation’, increased flexibility, and a whole lot more. In addition, different age groups in the workforce may want significantly different things. In this session, led by the IMCCA, experts and end-users from all segments of industry will discuss these changes and provide a guide map for success that organizations can follow. Sponsored by: IMCCA, Cisco, Crestron, Jabra, Poly, and Zoom.

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