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The ARO-300 is the fastest streaming 2.4GHz WiFi router module on the market. It can handle a data rate of up to 300 Mbps, and its DAC supports 24-bit/192KHz. Building off of the original AR-300, the ARO-300 maintains the open source app usage while
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Earthquake Sound’s SUB8 In-wall Subwoofer

Earthquake Sound’s newly released SUB8 In-wall Subwoofer provides impressive bass from a shallow space. This subwoofer produces twice the excursion of any other conventional speaker with the same mounting depth. Outstanding bass performance can
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XJ-300ST amplifier from Earthquake Sound

The XJ-300ST amplifier from Earthquake Sound packs more power and maintains more flexibility than any other amplifier; no amplification task is beyond its capability. With its unimposing miniature size and an unbelievable amount of cool running power
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The Cinénova Clarté In-Wall and On-Wall LCR

The Cinénova Clarté In-Wall and On-Wall LCR is Earthquake’s newest addition to the Cinénova family of high-fidelity products. Thanks to its no-expense-spared design, it features a combination of four 2-inch precision ribbon drivers paired with t
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Earthquake Sound Corporation

Hayward, CA – 2023: Earthquake Sound Corporation announces MiniMe DSP P63 Micro Subwoofer. Massive Fast Bass With Minimal Floor Space. Earthquake Sound is proud to announce the release of its new micro-sized home subwoofer. The MiniMe DSP P63 f
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Innovative Exa Collection Offers High-Output Performance with Low-Voltage Simplicity

SAN MARCOS, California — June 14, 2023 Finding a simple solution for lighting tall trees or structures can be a challenge. Introducing the new Exa Collection from FX Luminaire! This high-output, low-voltage solution combines light outputs up to 1,2