Official Mobile App and Matchmaking Platform


An interactive and personalized event lobby for every platform user. Powered by AI recommendations, the app will show your meeting requests from exhibiting brands and peers, suggested matches and share relevant connections.



Smart matches recommended for you based on product interest. Or you can search exhibiting brands and peers by keywords or by selecting a category from dropdown lists to narrow down matches (job title, product interest, etc).


Don’t wait until the actual event, start chatting now! Reach out to your smart matches to chat and request meeting times onsite at a brand’s booth.

The official 2024 matchmaking platform and mobile app will be available summer 2024. Check back often for updates and log in details. 

Onboarding and Training Videos

Logging Into the Platform


Editing Your Personal Profile

Network and Make Matches

Matchmake on the Go

Setting Up Your Team (Exhibitors)