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Airzone Bridges the Gap Between HVAC and IoT

June 18th, 2019

HVAC control solutions company Airzone bridges the gap between HVAC and IoT by enabling full two-way communications

• Airzone technology allows users to take full control of their HVAC system while enhancing the energy efficiency, comfort and economical savings.

• The European company is looking forward to expanding its North American operations through its US branch.

The Spanish based company is at the forefront of HVAC. Its current strategic position in the sector relies on over 20 years’ experience investing in a method in which research, development and implementation of their state-of-the-art technology manifested itself into cutting-edge HVAC Control Solutions.

On top of their expertise in the sector, their years of close-knit relations have promoted Airzone to secure strong alliances with the industry leaders in the American market.

The European company aims to further invest in the US with the objective of growing its market share, while implementing their smart technology innovations to ease the transition into more energy efficient and integrated HVAC and IoT industries.

Airzone´s most recent development is on enabling the control of an Inverter/VRF HVAC unit using Cloud or Wi-Fi technology while allowing all the original manufacturer-features to be operational.

The company highlights on the fact that full manufacturer-features functionality can only be achieved through their system which uses the same language protocols with the manufacturers´ units, called ¨two-way communications¨.

On the other hand, when other products such as Smart Thermostats that allow Wi-Fi control of an Inverter/VRF HVAC unit are used, many of the original features of the manufacturer are lost, making the unit a lot less energy efficient and reducing its lifespan drastically.  

There is an ongoing transition in the American HVAC market from its classical approach of non-Inverter technology into a highly efficient Inverter technology such as VRF.

This growing popularity of the VRF systems in the US is mostly due to the numerous benefits Inverter technology brings forth not only for the environment but also for the comfort and savings of the end user.  

Airzone is aiming at becoming a leader in the US Integrated HVAC solutions market and replicate the success the company had in Europe, as Matt Yilmazian from Airzone Global Communications office points out: “…to achieve this landmark, we are planning on trailblazing between the HVAC and Home/Building Automation systems”.

 “One important differential value Airzone products have in comparison to the other brands is our ability to bring state of the art technology, and we are planning on doing the same in the States. “We will lead the way bridging the gap between HVAC and the latest IoT trends” Yilmazian added.


For 20 years now, Airzone has been offering intelligent control solutions that allow the management and improvement of energy efficiency installations on various heating and cooling equipment, for both commercial and residential applications.

Airzone control systems allow the HVAC sector to be easily and completely integrated with the most innovative building management technologies. Since it was founded, Airzone has relied on a model based on technical research, industrial development and manufacturing with the EU quality standards.

All Airzone products are designed with one goal in mind: to provide comfort and energy savings to users.