Ecosense Brands Deliver on a Promise of Better Light, Cleaner Air and Spec-Grade Quality | CEDIA Expo


Ecosense Brands Deliver on a Promise of Better Light, Cleaner Air and Spec-Grade Quality

August 31st, 2021


Ecosense Brands Deliver on a Promise of Better Light, Cleaner Air and Spec-Grade Quality

First-time CEDIA exhibitor introduces an award-winning portfolio of light-based technology brands including Soraa, SCUVA, and TROV®

Aug. 2021 – LOS ANGELES – Award-winning technology company Ecosense makes its CEDIA Expo debut September 1-3, 2021, in Indianapolis. Already a proven leader in the commercial lighting space, Ecosense addresses the high-end residential market with a host of professional-grade solutions, including full-spectrum Soraa LED lamps, SCUVA ultraviolet air disinfection, and a range of the company’s prized linear and accent lighting platforms. Shared among the brands is a mission to enhance the human experience through the power of light.

Professional Replacement Lamps

Long heralded for its spectral superiority, Soraa is the hands-down choice for dealers looking to upgrade their clients’ home lighting from halogen to LED. Founded by Nobel Prize laureate Shuji Nakamura, Soraa is a producer of full-spectrum replacement lamps that are already widely used in museums, art gallery, and high-end retail settings. Soraa’s promise of truer colors, brighter whites and richer reds is a no-brainer for residential use as well, from illuminating art collections to accentuating home furnishings, textiles, and finishes.

UV Disinfection Solutions

Utilizing the UVC band of ultraviolet light, SCUVA neutralizes the threat of airborne pathogens—from COVID-19 to the common cold—in the home, office or automobile. Proven to achieve 99% disinfection of a room in less than 1 hour per independent lab testing, SCUVA rapidly cycles through and disinfects air more quickly, continuously, and therefore effectively than the slow-acting filter products currently on the market. All SCUVA devices are safe, easy, and sized for spaces ranging from 100 to 10,000 cu. ft.

Spec-Grade Linear and Accent Lighting

Ecosense offers an array of architectural lighting brands founded upon quality and reconfigurability typically available to the commercial market: TROV® sets the industry standard for linear lighting, in three form factors from the powerful L50 luminaire to the discreet, IP67-rated TROV Slim; for flood and spot applications, RISE™ provides incredible punch and versatility, plus marine-grade durability; and Lumium brings an elevated aesthetic to the linear fixture, customizable down to size, mounting option, and RAL custom finish.

Dealers can experience all the Ecosense brands for themselves at CEDIA Expo booth #5153 and at


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