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Emporia Energy Offers Easy, Affordable Energy Monitoring and up to 50% Energy Savings

LITTLETON, Colorado, July 30, 2019. New tech startup Emporia Energy announces the launch of its Vue smart home energy monitor. This unique technology provides 24/7 monitoring of home energy, appliances, heating, and cooling. The Vue gives homeowners insight and assurance by preventing costly repairs, making homes more energy efficient, and saving money in the process. While other energy monitors exist, the Vue offers a simple setup, a great mobile app experience, and optimal flexibility. And, with the lowest market price of $134.99, the Vue offers the fastest payback from future savings.

The Vue installs in the electrical panel of nearly any home. Once installed, the Vue securely sends energy usage data at one-second intervals to the cloud. Then the Vue helps homeowners understand and manage energy use through a powerful iOS or Android app. This app provides engagement and recommendations with a goal of helping homeowners save up to 50% on their electricity use. Additionally, the Vue helps homeowners better understand their usage patterns and identify issues, often before they would notice them otherwise. This valuable insight can limit costly damage to home equipment and allow homeowners to schedule service before appliances fail. Emporia is hard at work developing machine learning to make this process even easier with predictive alerts and notifications when issues arise.

Emporia Energy was founded by Shawn McLaughlin. Shawn foresaw an opportunity to serve customers amid changing trends in electricity due to renewables, electric vehicles, and smart meters. But only if they managed their energy use with easy, inexpensive access to real-time data.  The problem was that this technology didn’t yet exist.  So, Shawn launched Emporia not only to develop this technology, but also to start a truly different kind of company. McLaughlin says, “Great businesses create products to inspire customers and improve the world. At Emporia, we aspire to greatness by focusing on consistent customer satisfaction, relentless tech optimization, innovative product offerings, and a resolute goal to improve how people consume resources.

Emporia Energy (emporiaenergy.com) is a Smart Home technology company that provides solutions that help protect the health of homes by preventing costly repairs, increasing energy efficiency, and saving money

For more information about Emporia Energy, the Emporia Vue, a demonstration, or product for review, please contact Seth Terry at sterry@emporiaenergy.com.