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Juke Audio: Multi-Room Made Simple

July 12th, 2021
Juke’s six and eight zone home audio system are a breakthrough in price, performance and ease of use.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. Juke Audio Inc., the company utilizing state of the art technology to manufacture inexpensive, compact and easy to use multi-room audio systems, has emerged into the market over the past two years with their Juke-6 and Juke-8: home audio amplifiers that deliver clear, powerful sound to wired speakers throughout homes and buildings.

Juke-6 is a six-zone amplifier powering 12 channels and Juke-8 is an eight-zone amplifier capable of 16 channels, each allowing up to four devices to play different audio at the same time. Juke users can play sound directly from any app on their phone or tablet to any combination of rooms over Wi-Fi.

“Several years ago, I tried to find a multi-zone audio system for my house” said Brad Forth, Founder of Juke Audio. “I was influenced by my teenage son and wanted something that allowed multiple family members to stream audio from our mobile devices to any combination of wired speakers located throughout our home and yard. My wife doesn’t like complicated technology, so it also had to be easy to use. Since I couldn’t find a good solution, I created Juke Audio because I think a lot of people have similar needs.”

Juke was created as a simple alternative to existing complex, expensive and difficult-to-use technologies. Juke-6 and Juke-8 install in minutes: simply put the Juke system in a closet or cabinet, plug in the speaker wires, connect to a Wi-Fi network and start listening. Juke’s systems are made in the USA. They are more energy-efficient than most traditional amplifiers, resulting in much less heat dissipation and lower electricity costs. Audio handling and zone control are entirely digital, resulting in terrific sound quality as well.

Having won CEPro’s 2020 multi-room product of the year while garnering five star reviews from current customers, it is evident that Juke’s offering is resonating with a segment of the consumer audio market. That market segment is defined by consumers seeking a simplistic architectural audio experience with an emphasis on intuitive mobile streaming, product reliability, and low cost.

Specs: Both Juke systems are 14.5” wide by 8” deep by 3” tall, have high quality aluminum construction and weigh approximately 6 lbs. Juke-6 and Juke-8 accept speaker impedances between two and eight Ohms. If a zone is in a large area, Juke’s systems allow for speakers to be connected in parallel (e.g. 3 left and 3 right speakers), as long as the combined impendence is over two Ohms per channel.

Juke Audio systems can be connected to Ethernet via an RJ-45 connector or over Wi-Fi using WPA2. Juke-6 starts at $1149 and Juke-8 at $1,399. Learn more about how Juke revolutionizes home audio here or visit www.jukeaudio.com.

“Juke was built to be a system that could play any audio from iPhones and other Apple products throughout our homes. We searched the market and found that everything was expensive, large and hard to use. Starting with a blank slate, we used state of the art technology to make Juke inexpensive, compact and easy to use. Juke Audio is made in the USA and based in Manhattan Beach, California. It’s the multiroom south system we always wanted, and now we are proud to share it with you. Juke Audio: Sound Made Simple.”