Legacy Audio Showcases Compact Powered CALIBRE Monitor | CEDIA Expo


Legacy Audio Showcases Compact Powered CALIBRE Monitor

CEDIA Booth 1147Illinois based loudspeaker manufacturer, Legacy Audio, is showcasing its new ultra high resolution CALIBRE monitor. CALIBRE is designed to meet and exceed the stringent high performance standards of recording studio professionals and bring a new level of resolution to audiophiles in a sleek, compact design. At home in both two channel and surround sound systems, CALIBRE is available in a standard passive version or as the versatile CALIBRE XD with 500 watts of internal power per speaker, facilitating both passive & active bi-amplification.

Legacy Chief Engineer, Bill Dudleston, on the development of the latest Legacy Audio offering: “I had but one thing in mind with CALIBRE- to build the highest resolution compact speaker available anywhere. It uses our high power handling 4” AMT ribbon, a precision 7.5” custom midrange/midbass crafted in Spain and the best 8” bass driver available with a full inch of displacement capability. Offering extreme dynamics and wide bandwidth, the clarity is the best I’ve ever heard in a compact design. While efficient, it is designed to sail along with 500 watt peak inputs. Legacy has always been known for our huge soundstage- but this time it’s coming from a small box.”


CALIBRE is currently available for order in a wide variety of décor friendly finishes.


Calibre MSRP: $5,500/pr in standard finishes

Powered Calibre XD MSRP: $6,780/pr in standard finishes


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About Legacy Audio: Legacy Audio provides integrators the most versatile line of high performance speakers. On-walls, subwoofers, soundbars, towers, centers & surrounds featuring the latest in DSP technology. Legacy speakers consistently provide wider bandwidth, lower distortion, greater efficiency and higher reliability than our competition. Celebrate with us over three decades of relentless pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction.

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