Penn Elcom R6400-RHF Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure | CEDIA Expo


Penn Elcom R6400-RHF Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

Leading UK 19” racking manufacturer Penn Elcom’s R6400-RHF Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure is an ingenious solution ideal for installations with space or accessibility requirements as well as in home systems. The enclosure is delivered pre-assembled and includes a variety of user friendly features such as pre welded threaded rack rails, removable side panels, three fan knockouts, and 19″ cable knockouts on the rear and top of the rack.

The new model enables the full rack to securely swing away from the wall, giving installation professionals unrivalled access to the rear and sides of the rack, making it a simple job to run cables, replace equipment parts, or perform regular maintenance.

Penn Elcom has designed the bracket so that it’s easily reversible, opening on either the left or right hand side according to requirements. Heavy duty hinges allow for the rack to be loaded up to 50kg/110lb, and the slam lock system creates an easy open and close function. 

Access to the rear of the rack can also be secured with an inbuilt key lock and as with all Penn Elcom racking, it’s designed with easy and efficient cable management in mind, providing top and bottom 1U cable knockouts as well as full length internal square hole rack rails.


Fitted with reversible threaded and square hole rails

Removable side panels and front door (also lockable)

Integrated cable management rails and knockouts

3 top fans to assist airflow cooling


Reversible, choose either left or right hinged

Heavy-duty hinges bear a load of 50kg / 110lbs

Threaded or square hole rails supplied

1U knockouts for cable access

Frame is separately lockable