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Polly Series Shows Design and Performance in Cedia Expo

August 27th, 2021
The 360º version can cover up to 3.000sqft with clear sound and beauty

Cedia Expo 2021 – September 1st, 2021 — Magna Audio, a Brazilian Speaker manufacture, announces the release of the Polly Series to the US and International market.

Handmade in aluminum, Polly series products are made to last and resist the most extreme climate installs. Its accessories are made of weather-resistant components as stainless-steel nuts and screws, salty air-protected drivers, and cable glands from Wiska, a centenary German company.

Showing up 3 different finishes, one of them with hidden LEDs in the black version, Magna wants to prove the value of its brand to the world by demonstrating the Polly 360. The speaker is equipped with 6 3” Neodymium drivers that use the ADR, Array Drive Alignment to a uniform dispersion and smooths mediums and highs. The product is also available in a secondary version with 4 drivers, covering 240º.

Integrated into its body, Polly has a 10” 200W powerful subwoofer that perfectly completes the missing frequencies from the small drivers spreading the bass all around it.

Looking at its small body, which hides the subwoofer under it, is hard to believe that only one speaker can be so powerful. The range of colors (black, white, and corten steel, sand, champagne, gray, brown, and green) plus the integrated led light make it even hard to believe that this piece of art is a loudspeaker.

The Backyard System completes the Polly range.

With four Polly Spot landscape satellite, that offers 120º dispersion and a 10” 200W Polly Sub, the Backyard System is designed to cover areas up to 1.500sqft as a 2.1 system.

It is possible to add more 3” satellites to increase coverage if need.

Initially available in black or corten steel finishes, it is possible to order them in 6 custom colors to match the decor.

During CEDIA Expo, Magna will show a prototype of a Polly Spot with integrated led light. The lighted version is expected to be released in 2022.

Available Finishes MSRP

Polly 360
Black, White, and Corten Steel – U$ 4,499.00
Color Series – U$ 4,999.00
Black Led adds U$ 350,00
Polly 240 Version (built to order) lower U$ 200.00
Backyard System
Black and Corten Steel – U$ 2,750.00
Color Series or White – U$ 3,250.00 (built to order)

Polly Spot
Black and Corten Steel – U$ 639.00 (pair)
Color Series or White – U$ 749.00 (built to order)

Polly Sub
Black and Corten Steel – U$ 1,700.00 (pair)
Color Series or White – U$ 1,950.00 (built to order)


About Magna Audio
Magna Audio is a Brazilian company
Magna is a brand of audio products whose DNA is in the design
All products are designed to integrate the environment where they will be installed or to become differentials when they need to be noticed In addition to the numerous finishing options available in the catalog, it is possible to customize each of the products, making them fit into any decoration project without losing the audio quality already recognized in the brand’s products.
Clearly, the brand’s DNA is design. Quality? Quality is not differential, it is the minimum you expect when buying a product these days.

Visit Magna Audio online www.magnaaudio.com @magnaaudiooficial

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