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Software Merger Creates A Full Solution For Contractors

Software Merger Creates A Full Solution For Contractors 

A new software company merger has created a full-scale solution for contractors both In the Field and In the Office. Building on 15 years of experience in providing tools and resources that help integrators become more successful, Salez Toolz co-founders Mark and Susan Sipe, and ePonti’s founder Bill Battaglia, have agreed to merge and create a new company, (The) STX Solution, through which they will continue to bring intelligent and repeatable processes to service leaders across the construction industry.   

This merger is the result of years of discussion and planning between the three leading industry veterans, who are introducing (RI) Responsive Intelligence technology that help standardize business processes and create long-term success for their clients.  Mark and Susan Sipe, and Bill Battaglia have worked together for years to successfully push forward solutions that revolutionize the construction industry that have increased sales, manage projects, track costs and coordinate people.  

The STX Solution allows a business to standardize project processes for increased efficiency using (RI) Responsive Intelligence, which executes a series of functions to expedite processes such as Scheduling.  With (RI) Responsive Intelligence, a contract line item is checked assigning a Tech to the Work Order, creating the Purchase Order and sending notification to the Technicians phone, in a click with RI. 

Utilizing their award-winning customer-facing sales and design touch screen interface, sales people can present lifestyle pictures of their technology offerings powered by STX SMART Data© to present lifestyle images of their best-selling solutions.    

STX revolutionary Design process that takes live camera shots, a floor plan or a Google Earth image, moving icons and drawing lines or text on the touch screen, and impressing customers with their expertise.  Contracts can be signed and deposited in the meeting providing contractors with a time saving sales process that can be easily completed by even the non-techy sales person. 

Backend Operations include a web-based flexible interface that enable your team to go to one central location to view schedules, share client data, update project status and communicate issues. With the addition of Responsive Intelligence, STX Solution allows businesses to set the standards for their service and achieve long-term and Repeatable Success.  

To learn more about STX Solution and their innovative software solutions, see STX Solution at the upcoming CEDIA 2019 in Denver, Booth 3327.