Vutec Corporation Unveils Silverstar PanoFlexx at CEDIA 2018 | CEDIA Expo


Vutec Corporation Unveils Silverstar PanoFlexx at CEDIA 2018

August 1st, 2018, 4K, Video


Innovative projection screen delivers unparalleled viewing quality with Accurate Color Panoptics


San Diego, CA – Vutec Corporation, an international leader and American manufacturer of high-performance award-winning projection screens, releases its innovative Silverstar PanoFlexx screen at CEDIA EXPO 2018. The state-of-the-art screen boasts Accurate Color Panoptics (ACP), delivering true colors, whites are whiter, blacks are blacker and colors are more colorful enhancing a more vivid image, and a better viewing experience.

The Silverstar PanoFlexx produces the same high quality and performance of the Silverstar fixed wall screen, and incorporates a valuable additional advantage, of an innovative flexible fabric. Vutec’s Silverstar PanoFlexx provides a true cinematic experience with vivid lifelike colors.

“After four years of research and development, we are pleased to be able to release to the industry a Silverstar product that has a lot of versatile features, including that it is more economical to pack and ship.  We are also pleased that the Silverstar Accurate Color Panoptics easily migrated from a rigid screen to the flexible fabric of the PanoFlexx.  In our testing of this next generation screen, we took several ALR samples and held them up against the PanoFlexx, the results spoke for themselves – true color and amazing image quality that a typical ALR screen cannot produce.” said Daniel Sinkoff, President and CEO. “Our dealers need to take the ACP/ALR challenge and see for themselves the difference in the picture color and quality in most Ambient Light environments.”

Notable features of the Silverstar PanoFlexx include ISF Certification, 8K Ultra HD, revolutionary Silverstar fabric with Accurate Color Panoptics and an extruded 3.15” aluminum lightweight frame available in any color or black velvet. Formats available include 16:9, 16:10 and 2.35:1. Silverstar PanoFlexx is custom made in the USA in sizes up to 86.50” x 138.50” x 163” diagonal. 

Visit our display Booth 4231, at this year’s CEDIA  to preview the Silverstar PanoFlexx.  Visitors can enter a drawing to win a Silverstar PanoFlexx, at CEDIA.


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