Zappiti Showcases Suite of Innovative High-End 4K Media Servers at CEDIA EXPO 2019 | CEDIA Expo


Zappiti Showcases Suite of Innovative High-End 4K Media Servers at CEDIA EXPO 2019

August 19th, 2019Media Servers, Video



CEDIA Expo Booth #3255

Zappiti Showcases Suite of Innovative High-End 4K Media Servers at CEDIA EXPO 2019

International company Zappiti demonstrates media servers engineered to deliver the highest audio and video quality possible for a range of home entertainment needs.


Denver, Colorado (Septemnber 2019) Zappiti, the award-winning international brand and world leader of 4K media players is rolling out a suite of high-end media players to the U.S. marketplace, securing a positon as a leading provider of entertainment for elite home cinemas. The company debuts its flagship Pro 4K HDR media player, one of the first in the AV industry to receive ISF certification, as well as a broad range of other players to suit the unique demands of a variety of home cinema applications.

Built into every Zappiti media player are technologies to ensure unmatched picture and sound quality: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 4K HDR, Parental Control, and IP Control, to name a few. Other proprietary technologies, such as Zappiti’s MagicPixel technology, further enhance the entertainment experience by allowing each frame of video to be deeply analyzed, entirely cleaned and rebuilt for a picture perfect rendering of the original cinematic performance.

“The Zappiti R&D team spent years designing a software ecosystem specifically for discerning customers, combined with a top-of-class hardware platform to deliver the best viewing experience possible,” says Rick Martin, COO of Zappiti. “Every single detail has been optimized for perfection.”

Zappiti Media Server Lineup: A Player for Every Home Cinema Application

Zappiti will introduce 5 different high-end 4K media servers at CEDIA EXPO 2109. Each player offers the same caliber of software and hardware, but with different storage capacities.

·         The newest addition to the Zappiti media server portfolio is its flagship Pro 4K HDR. The most advanced player in the lineup, the Pro 4K HDR features a dual rack enclosure to store up to 32 TB of video and audio content internally. ISF-certified, it boasts technology and high-grade components and circuitry to deliver the best movie viewing experience possible.

·         The Zappiti Mini 4K HDR is equipped with a SATA connector for external HDD (up to 16 TB). Small enough to mount behind a display, it is Zappiti’s most cosmetically conscious media player.

·         The Zappiti One 4K HDR offers up to 16 TB of audio and video storage internally to handle larger movie libraries.

·         The Zappiti One SE (Special Edition) 4K HDR features the same 16 TB storage capacity as the Zappiti One 4K HDR, but with the addition of an HDMI audio output and HDCP support.

·         The Zappiti Duo 4K HDR offers dual enclosures to support up to 32 TB of storage, Its storage capacity is the same as that of the Pro 4K HDR, but without some of the bells and whistles.


Unique Features Across the Product Line

·         Oppo-Digital Lineage. Designed in part by an AV integrator, Zappiti media players offer many powerful features to simplify installation and provide home theater enthusiasts with hundreds of hours of high-quality entertainment. “The integrator who designed our players was one of the first resellers in Europe of the popular and now discontinued line of Oppo-Digital media servers,” says Zappiti marketing manager Rémy Pariselle. “He took the very best features of Oppo players, like their unique power supply, and put them into Zappiti’s media servers. We like to say the Pro 4K HDR, in particular, is Oppo that’s been turbo charged.”

·         Unique Software Suite, Integration Friendly. One of Zappiti’s greatest statements of success is the unique software suite found in each and every player. With no reliance on third-party solutions, Zappiti’s software is designed and built exclusively for its hardware. As a bonus, Zappiti media players can be easily integrated with popular home control systems, including those from Control4, Crestron, and others.

·         Multi-room Capabilities. The content stored on a Zappiti media player can be automatically synched with other players to share content across the entire ecosystem to provide a multi-room viewing experience on displays throughout a residence.

·         Performance Enhancements. Zappiti media players feature Direct Output technology and Type-R power supply capable of producing low noise and lower external magnetic field interference than standard power supplies. Featuring an ultra-rigid steel chassis, specially engineered feet to reduce vibrations, and zero signal transport to cancel mass-loop effects, Zappiti media players deliver superior sound and video.

Building a U.S Dealer Base

Boosted by a higher volume of sales each year, Zappiti recently opened a branch in Florida to promote, distribute, and support its entire range of products for North America. The company’s line of media servers are distributed in 50 countries worldwide. At CEDIA EXPO 2019 Zappiti aims to sign on additional dealers who can deliver its solutions to home theater enthusiasts in the U.S. marketplace. Zappiti offers fully loaded demo units to its dealers to help promote sales.

Where to Find Zappti at CEDIA EXPO 2019

Zappiti will showcase its entire line of high-end media players at Booth #3255, as well as in a designated home theater section, the “Rayva Elite Theater,” at the Origin Acoustics exhibit, Booth #3837. Zappiti recently became an official worldwide distributor of Rayva home cinema solutions, with exclusivity in France.

About Zappiti

Zappiti is an international leader in the design and manufacturing of high-end universal media players. Providing AV integrators with a range of solutions, Zappiti has offices in both Europe and the U.S., with operations including research and development, tech support and sales. Engineered to deliver high-caliber audio and video reproduction and with ISF-certification, Zappiti media players create an immersive, dimensional, and emotion entertainment experience that is just as the original filmmakers intended. Rich in innovative software and hardware technology and boasting user-friendly operation, Zappiti media players appeal to both casual viewers and serious home theater enthusiasts.


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