A Cloud Of My Own Announces Guard Dog Smart Home Shield | CEDIA Expo


A Cloud Of My Own Announces Guard Dog Smart Home Shield

Cambridge, MA (September 9, 2019) A Cloud of My Own / Guard Dog Technologies announces the Guard Dog Smart Home Shield – to maintain health, performance, and security in today’s Smart Home.  Installations are becoming more complex, as today’s Smart Home may wind up having devices from dozens of different companies. Design, installation and maintaining each Smart Home becomes extremely complex. Troubleshooting issues (often the result of unintentional post-installation changes) can absorb significant time and resources. 

Adding to these challenges,  Smart Homes devices have become interesting targets for hackers, botnets, and others with nefarious intent. Once compromised, a single small device can become an attack entry point for larger and moredamaging attacks.  This can put the homeowner’s privacy and security at risk.   Similar to a guard dog, the Guard Dog Smart Home Shield actively surveys the traffic patterns and device behaviors keeping the flock of smart devices safe and healthy.

Guard Dog Smart Home Shield collects critical metrics for each Smart Device within the home.   With powerful diagnostic tools,  as well as change audit capabilities, the time to isolate and resolve issues is greatly reduced.   Additionally, the health and performance of the Smart Home can be reviewed at any time, preventing some issues before they have a negative impact. 

This information may be managed strictly as a service or shared in part of in whole with the homeowner depending on the business relationship.

Come learn more at CEDIA 2019 – Booth #3455 in Innovation Alley.