Konnected Debuts Three New Intelligent Smart Home Monitoring Products at CEDIA 2019 | CEDIA Expo


Konnected Debuts Three New Intelligent Smart Home Monitoring Products at CEDIA 2019


New Alarm Panel 2, Alarm Panel Pro and Alarm Panel INTERFACE Module Transform Existing Home Security Wiring and Sensors Into Customizable Systems without Recurring Fees


(DENVER – September 12, 2019) – Konnected, a forward-thinking innovator focused on redefining antiquated wired home security systems, today launched three new products at CEDIA 2019. Along with the hardware, Konnected is also launching a dealer program and new integrations with leading smart home platforms as well as its own iOS and Android apps. 

The Konnected Alarm Panel 2 is the ideal start to transform any existing wired home security system into one that will be able to leverage the latest in smart home platforms and interconnectivity. By simply replacing the motherboard of any traditional alarm system with the Konnected Alarm Panel 2, users can monitor and control all of their alarm system sensors and siren in popular home automation platforms including SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHAB and more. This allows homeowners to leverage the convenience and intelligence of their smart home platform’s apps and integrations to monitor their home without the need for an expensive subscription from a legacy alarm company. 

The Konnected Alarm Panel 2 is the first major hardware update to the company’s original Konnected Alarm Panel product launched on Kickstarter in late 2017. Since their crowdfunding debut, Konnected has gained popularity among the DIY crowd with over 10,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

The Alarm Panel 2 is even more compact than its predecessor while adding integrated and improved WiFi, improved build quality, and built-in lightning and short circuit protection. It also boasts an expansion port for use with the new INTERFACE module.  

Konnected also unveiled the Alarm Panel Pro, a larger and more powerful version of the Konnected Alarm Panel featuring WiFi, Ethernet and PoE capability and support for 12 wired zones. Based on the more powerful ESP32 microcontroller, the Alarm Panel Pro is built for the professional or automation enthusiast.

Also new, the Alarm Panel INTERFACE is an add-on module that works in conjunction with either the Alarm Panel 2 or Alarm Panel Pro to interface the Konnected product “in-parallel” with an existing traditional wired alarm system. This product allows users to keep their existing traditional alarm system and also gain all of the home automation capabilities, including remote arming/disarming, notifications, 

In tandem, Konnected is launching a dealer program to make it even easier for consumers to align with experienced professionals to achieve their home monitoring and automation goals. The brand is unveiling dealer pricing and a new dealer finder-feature that will be live on konnected.io.  

Pricing and Availability

The Alarm Panel 2 and Alarm Panel Pro are available for pre-sale now with expected ship dates in November. Retail prices start at $99 and $229 respectively and can be purchased online at konnected.io. More information on dealer pricing and to become a dealer can also be found online at konnected.io

About Konnected

Based in Orlando, Florida, Konnected is seeking to revive the wired home security systems that boomed in the 1990s but are now increasingly unused or underused because they’re inconvenient to use and expensive to monitor. By leveraging wiring already in the home with the burgeoning smart home ecosystem, Konnected is giving consumers the ability to not only customize home security and automation, but eliminate expensive recurring fees while maintaining peace of mind. With a growing stable of products and useful module add-ons, the possibilities are nearly endless to create a truly intelligent home. For additional information about Konnected, please visit konnected.io.  

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