Origin Acoustics’ New Amazon Echo Dot Wall-Mount for its Valet System is Spot On! | CEDIA Expo


Origin Acoustics’ New Amazon Echo Dot Wall-Mount for its Valet System is Spot On!

Origin Acoustics New Amazon Echo Dot Wall-Mount for its Valet System is Spot On!

CEDIA 2018 – San Diego, CA (August 1, 2018) –Origin Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of architectural loudspeakers and custom installed audio is adding a wall-mount for the Amazon Echo Dot to its Valet system, named the Dot Wall Mount to debut at CEDIA Expo 2018, Exhibit #3042, at the San Diego Convention Center on September 6-8, 2018.

When Origin debuted the Valet amplifier last year, the response at the CEDIA Expo was overwhelming. A simple and elegant way to integrate the Dot for music distribution and automation was on the horizon.

In this offering is a clever mounting system that hides the Dot behind a speaker grille in the ceiling clearing it from countertops and shelves in the living space. The new offering allows dealers to add profitable loudspeakers and amplification.

This new wall mount is more than just another positioning option. There are tens of thousands of homes with old keypad systems ripe for an upgrade. With speakers already installed in remote rooms and CAT5 cable attached to these aging keypads, a quick swap to a Dot and the Valet amplifier with no requirement for additional wiring is an amazing retrofit opportunity.

Instantly, the customer has voice control, multi-room, multi-source audio and thousands of automation apps (Amazon refers to them as skills). All of this at a price that is accessible to customers who never imagined they could afford such luxury.

“It’s the simple advancements like this that create incredible opportunities,” said Jeremy Burkhardt, Origin’s Chairman. “Dealers can now mine their database of customers and walk in with a fresh new option to easily replace an existing system with much more power and performance.”

The Dot wall mount is shipping now.

MSRP: $30

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The Origin team has been responsible for inventions and innovations that have changed the face of the home entertainment industry. Inventions like the first in-wall speaker and the first aimable in-ceiling speaker are just the tip of the iceberg. Pushing the limits of technology and materials, this team has dominated the market for three decades and supplied loudspeakers to literally millions of homes around the world.

Today they have joined forces under the Origin banner to deliver the most advanced and impressive array of architectural loudspeakers ever available. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, they are dedicated to enhancing the lives of every person who chooses to install Origin loudspeakers in their home.

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